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From a very young age Crystal has been passionate about photography, human emotion, nature, architecture and perspective. All of which provide her an eye for creative composition and artistic expression.



After obtaining her real estate license and dusting off her DSLR camera to focus on a childhood passion, she began doing portrait work and sharing her love of local landscape photography. Another real estate agent asked if she could photograph a new listing...


"I have no idea what I am doing, but I can try." 


And as they say, the rest is history!


Crystal has been capturing real estate and vacation rentals since 2017. 

Crystal has lived in St. Augustine for over 15 years and enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. She loves spending time with her family & friends and going on any adventures as well as getting lost in the study of psychology, personal growth and design. Her girls are her world! She is always looking for the light anywhere she goes.

She has a strong background in customer service and is currently licensed in real estate as a referral agent. She truly believes getting her license naturally led her to a dream career in real estate photography. She thrives in observing, capturing, serving and creating for our community and beyond! 

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